Scheibe Yamaha MG166CX analoge Mixer

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Scheibe Yamaha MG166CX analoge Mixer

Die Yamaha MG166CX-Funktionen kompakt, leichtes Design mit dem Zusatz von Yamaha s innovative einem Knopf Kompressor für eingebaute Dynamik-Kontrolle

Produktnummer: 11264

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Ausführliche Beschreibung

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The Yamaha MG 166CX is a convenient analog mixer that can handle a number of input sources and deliver pro-level sound, plus top quality SPX effects. The Yamaha MG 166CX mixer is so light yet the build quality has gained a reputation in the industry as second to none. Featuring the innovative one knob compressor - to apply compression simply turn the yellow knob clockwise; the further you turn it, the more compression is applied.

Yamaha MG 166CX main features include:

Hi-performance low noise microphone preamps

Neutrik balanced XLR connectors on microphone inputs

Yamaha`s innovative one knob compressor for built-in dynamics control

Top quality SPX effects on the CX` models with ON/OFF control via optional FC5 footswitch.

Musical sounding EQ for tonal control

Insert points on all mono inputs

Easy operation supported with intuitive owners manual

16 Input channels

High Quality mic preamp

10 Mics + 4 Stereo line inputs


8 Insert I/O

6 Compressors

Phantom power switch (+ 48V)

Illuminated CH ON switches

3 band Mid-sweep EQ (Ch 1-8)

60 mm Super smooth fader

3 band EQ (Ch 9/10-15/16)

SPX Digital multi effect

6 busses (Stereo + 4 groups)

Monitor mix

2 Aux sends + 1 Effect send

Light weight (5.5 kg)

1 Stereo Aux return

12-seg LED level meter

Neutrik XLR Connectors

Rack Mountable

Input gain trim

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