Drum Machines

Drum Machines are either analog or digitally based and are used to create the foundations of electronic music. Roland pioneered the drum machine and have now re-issued their classic model, the TR-08.

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About Drum Machines

Drum Machines utilise samples or synthesis in order to sequence or record percussive elements using pads or buttons. Many include a step sequencer to allow users to sequence a beat step-by-step. Such drum machines are incredibly versatile, offering the opportunity to create melodic percussive sequences, in addition to conventional drum sounds. The use of samples and time stretching further extends the possibilities drum machines can provide, allow for whole new sounds to be created from an original sample.

Typically, a drum machine allow on-the-fly sampling and real-time recording. As well as being popular in electronic music, drum machines can also be used in place of a drummer, where they are not available or desired.

Drum Machine News

Musikmesse 2013: Nord Launch The Drum 2 Modeling Percussion Synthesizer and the Nord Pad.

Nord Launches The Drum 2 and Nord Pad at this year's Musikmesse 2013 Show... More  »

9 Apr 2013 11:59

Musikmesse 2013: MFB Announce Two New Synths

MFB have announced that they will be introducing 2 new products at Musikmesse later this week - the MFB Dominion 1 and the Tanzbar Analog Drum computer.... More  »

8 Apr 2013 11:49

NAMM 2012: Nord Drum Announced

Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer is to be released at NAMM 2012.... More  »

17 Jan 2012 10:04