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Listen closely. Studio headphones are perfect for when you need to listen to the smaller details of a mix. They give you accurate sound and are more detailed so you can produce, mix and master to a professional level. Explore closed back, open back headphones, and monitor earphones below. You'll get a two-year warranty when you shop at Gear4music.

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About Headphones

Closed back designs are considered to be better for recording as they offer isolation from outside noise, as well as decreasing their own sound-leakage.

However, Open back designs are often favoured for mixing purposes due to their more realistic representation of sound – particularly with bass frequencies. In Ear monitors are typically used by performing musicians for reference purposes.

Headphone News

NAMM 2019 | Neumann Launches its First Pair of Headphones - the NDH 20

Studio monitor and microphone-expert Neumann has released the NDH 20 - a premium studio headphone for high-fidelity audio.... More  »

24 Jan 2019 10:40

NAMM 2019 | Sennheiser Launches a Revolutionary Range of In-Ear Monitors

Sennheiser has announced the IE400 and IE500 - a new kind of in-ear monitor featuring ground-breaking, single transducer technology for "a natural sound never previously achieved."... More  »

24 Jan 2019 11:36