Sabian Club Mix Pack 14'' Hi-Hats, 16'' Crash, 18'' Crash, 20'' Ride

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  • Mixed Series Cymbals That Are ''Sonically Matched'' By Sabian Vault Specialists
  • A Cymbal Set That Shines With Presence And Power For The Serious Drummer
  • Club Mix Pack Contains Tonally Tight And Versatile Cymbals That Cut Through
  • Sabian Brilliant Finish Provides Fast, Bright and Responsive Tones
  • Made From Sabian B20 And B8 Alloy

Sabian Club Mix Pack 14'' Hi-Hats, 16'' Crash, 18'' Crash, 20'' Ride


The Sabian Club Mix Pack is a collection of mixed-series cymbals, sonically matched in the Sabian Vault. This Club Mix pack has a blend of highly responsive XS20 14'' Medium Hi-Hats and a XS20 20'' Medium Ride with bright, modern AAX X-Plosion 16'' and 18'' Crash cymbals. Providing a perfect set that shines with presence and power. Complete with an brilliant finish and made from B20 Bronze, making these ideal for the serious drummer.

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Full Description

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The Sabian XS20 20'' Medium Ride cymbal provides a tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash to ensure a clean and musical sound regardless of the volume being played. Complete with a mid-sized bell for playing solid grooves with no trouble.

The Sabian XS20 14'' Medium Hi-Hats feature a medium-weight top cymbal with a heavy bottom. The medium top provides accurate sticking response whilst the heavy bottom boosts clarity and cut. This pairing overall increases volume, delivers clean stick / pedal definition and fullness when played open. Resulting in an highly versatile pair of cymbals.

The Sabian AAX X-Plosion 18'' Crash and 16'' Crash feature a streamlined design, response-shaping Auto-Focus and is bursting with bright, explosive attacks. This cymbal delivers penetrating definition with plenty of tonal presence and power. Overall these cymbals provide killer crash tones that cut through, at any volume with a consistently bright response.


  • Style: Vintage / Modern
  • Sound: Bright
  • Pitch: Mid To High
  • Metal: B20 / B8 Alloy
  • Weight: Medium - Heavy
  • Finish: Brilliant

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Sabian XS20 14'' Medium Hi-Hats
  • 1 x Sabian XS20 20'' Medium Ride
  • 1 x Sabian AAX X-Plosion 16'' Crash
  • 1 x Sabian AAX X-Plosion 18'' Crash