DISC IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX Bass Amp

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DISC IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX Bass Amp


Ampeg, the historic brand that invented bass amplification, and IK Multimedia, the leader in amp-modeling plug-in technology, bring you the first bass amp plug-in with a real signature sound.

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• 4 Modules: Tuner, Stomp, Amp, Cabinet+Mic selection and placement

• 4 signature Ampeg® bass amps modeled

• 6 signature Ampeg® cabinet models

• 6 Microphone models

• 24 bass amp combinations

• 8 analog modeled stomps

• High-precision Tuner

• Ultra accurate analog modeling with DSM™ technology

A legendary bass sound from the leaders in bass amplification and modeling technology.

Ampeg has made history with their bass amp sound, and now sets the future standard with this premier software plug-in. Made in conjunction with IK Multimedia, the leader in software modeling technology, this utility sports Ampeg`s legendary signature tones.

Complete bass-rig plug-in with multiple amps, cabinets, stomps and tuner.

Mix and match between amps and cabinets of the most sought-after Ampeg gear to produce 24 amazing bass amp combinations. Plus, you`ll have a complete bass pedalboard with 6 fully configurable stomp effects. In addition, select among 8 classic bass effects crafted after classic Ampeg stomps and other must have vintage gear. Add a tuner and separate direct/amped signal path for a complete software bass rig.

Ultra accurate modeling of the most sought-after Ampeg gear, with unique DSM™ technology, “Powered by AmpliTube”.

Over 20 bass gear emulations, including classic Ampeg bass amp models like the SVT-Classic, B-15R Portaflex “Flip Top”, BA-500 and SVT-4PRO. Select from Ampeg stomps like the SPC-OCT Octaver or the SCP-OD Overdrive, or cabinets like the SVT-410H or SVT-810E, powered by AmpliTube`s unique DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology.

Easy to use with hundreds of presets ready to go.

For the first time any musician, songwriter and producer can have a complete, “all-in-one” solution for bass recording. Not just for bass players, Ampeg SVX will give you that great bass sound you just can`t get by plugging directly into a console or computer.

System Requirements


Minimal: 866MHz Power Macintosh® G4, with 512MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, 1024x768 screen thousands of colors.


Minimal: Pentium® III 1GHz/Athlon™ XP 1.33GHz with 256MB of RAM, Windows® XP, 1024x768 screen thousands of colors.

NOTE: Ampeg SVX boxed version comes equipped with iKey.