DISC Steinberg Cubase Artist 7.5 UG1 from Elements 6/7, Essential 4/5

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  • Cubase Artist Upgrade from Elements 6/7, Essential 4/5 to 7.5
  • Ideal For Producers, Engineers and Composers
  • New LoopMash Audio Mangler
  • Includes Groove Agent SE 4 Drum Sampler
  • The Next Generation of HALion, Sonic SE 2

DISC Steinberg Cubase Artist 7.5 UG1 from Elements 6/7, Essential 4/5


Cubase Artist 7.5 offers a range of proven editing and sequencing tools based on the same core technologies used by musicians around the world. Cubase Artist is unmatched in its price range for its user friendly interface, performance and inspiring instruments. Cubase artist 7.5 is the perfect choice for solo artists, bands or project studio owners.

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Cubase Artist 7.5

Cubase Artist 7.5 has been produced to give musicians, producers and engineers the tools they need to get the job done at the highest possible level. New features have been added to streamline the process of making music. Not only does this make the process easier, but also quicker. Steinberg have created new features that allow you to manage your tracks and ideas in a much more intuitive way.

Features like track visibility mode allow you select what tracks you want to see. Large projects can get confusing when you have a high number of tracks. Track visibility can be used to streamline the arrange window and allow you to focus on the tracks remaining. It could be that you wish to hide all your MIDI tracks, or finalized versions you have recorded to audio. To do this enter the track visibility tab and de-select the white button next to each track you want to hide.

Instrument (t)rack 2.0 in Cubase Artist 7.5 has updated the way plugins are opened. When you add a VST to the VST rack, a corresponding track is also added to the project window and vice versa. Instrument tracks now have multiple outputs for any instrument which can be easily selected.


TrackVersions has been designed to allow you to work on different versions of the same track, while keeping the same settings. You are now able to create, rename and manage parallel versions from inside the channel drop down. This means you could for instance record multiple bass lines on the same channel and use the drop down to select the best one. Or you could be working on different vocal tracks and need to submit different versions. TrackVersion places alternative versions of recordings at hand where you need them. This process allows you to speed up your workflow and works with audio, MIDI, instruments, chord, tempo and signature tracks.

Groove Agent SE 4

Cubase Artist 7.5 now includes the new Groove Agent SE 4, the follow up to the hugely successful Groove Agent ONE. The great thing about the Groove Agent is its ease of use. It has been designed to resemble the MPC and maps for perfect integration. This allows you to start making beats quickly in a natural way and not having to feel like you been hindered by over complicated menus and processes. A Drum Machine is only as good as its sounds and these sounds have been designed and recorded by some of the most talented engineers available. This means you can go from laying down fat Hip Hop beats, then switch to groovy funk Beats with ease.

HALion Sonic SE 2

HALion Sonic SE 2 is the new and updated sampler for Cubase Artist 7.5. It has been designed to allow access to a large selection of instruments and is ideal for composers who need a large pallet of sound. The interface has been set-up to give the user fast access to instruments through its integrated browser. The HALion Sonic SE 2 now boasts 8 new effect types which include: Tape Saturation, Wah Wah, Auto Filter, Step Flanger, Ring Modulator, Octaver, Vintage Ensemble, Envelope Shaper and a classic but improved Rotary Effect

LoopMash FX

LoopMash has arrived to mangle and mash your tracks up like never before. This new little sonic torture device has been created to add that extra bit of randomisation to your music. These FXs can help add interest to beats, melodies and even master channels. These up to the minute FX styles are ideal for Dubstep and electronica, adding breaks, tape-stops and stutters. LoopMash had been designed for use in the studio, but really comes to life when used in a live environment. All the parameters can be mapped to any MIDI controller and performed in real time.

REVelation Reverb

Developed to recreate the sound of classic FX units, the REVelation Reverb will add sparkle to any track. Steinberg have worked with professional engineers and film mixers to produce algorithms that sound just as stunning as the originals their mimicking. Reverbs are used to give sound a scene of space. They can be used on anything from vocals, strings to percussion to add a warm smooth ambience

Magneto 2

Magneto hasn't been around since the days of Cubase SX, but now Steinberg have decided to resurrect and update this unit. What we have now is the new and shiny Magneto 2. Apart from having a facelift, Magneto 2 has been updated to produce a more realistic and natural tape saturation. Some critics say that digital is cold and lifeless, but not anymore because this little plugin will add the warmth that only analog tape can produce. Magneto 2 has a band-pass setting which allows you to select the frequency range of the effect you want to be applied. There is also a dual mode which simulates using two tape machines in sequence.

Additional Features

  • 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine
  • 64 audio, 128 instrument and MIDI tracks
  • All-new MixConsole provides the ultimate mixing experience
  • Comprehensive set of 8 outstanding instruments, 2,400 sounds
  • Complete suite of 50 high-end audio and 18 MIDI VST effect processors
  • Chord Track
  • Thousands of MIDI Construction Loops
  • 5 Hours Of Online HD Video Tutorials
  • System Requirements

    Supported Operating Systems

    • Mac OS X Version 10.8/10.9
    • PC Windows 7 / Windows 8.x

    Minimum System Requirements

    • Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU
    • 2 GB RAM / 8 GB Free HD Space
    • USB Port for USB-eLicencer (Licence Management)
    • OS Compatible Audio Hardware
    • DVD-ROM Dual-Layer Drive
    Internet connection required for activation, account set-up and personal / product registration